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Click to Visit CBS This MorningThis week NASA announced that it has discovered a source of free-flowing water on the surface of the planet Mars, a breakthrough finding that could forever change how human beings view our celestial neighbor. Famed physicist/futurist and CBS News science contributor, Dr. Michio Kaku told ‘CBS This Morning’ that, with this, NASA may have “hit the jackpot.”

Public fascination with Mars has increased ever since NASA launched its unmanned rover Curiosity, which continually sends back images of the Martian landscape. Once thought to be too hostile to support life, the discovery of liquid water alters our understanding not only of the origins of the red planet but in the future potential for an eventual human presence on Mars. “It changes everything,” said Kaku, “It means that this liquid water can be used for, perhaps, irrigation, drinking water, and even rocket fuel.” WATCH NOW!