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Dr. Kaku writes for SciFi Blog: How you can Change the World

Dr. Kaku contributes his thoughts to a new Sci Fi blog site that will bring you amazing ideas from the frontiers of innovation and help set forth first steps in helping solve some of the challenges we face today.
Read it and join the conversation.

Dr. Kaku is presented with the Klopsteg Memorial Award

Dr. Kaku was presented with the 2008 Klopsteg Memorial Award by the AAPT last month. The Honor Recognizes ‘Extraordinary Accomplishments in Communicating the Excitement of Physics to the General Public’ .

Physics of the Impossible hits the NY Times Best Seller List

Physics of the Impossible by Michio Kaku hit the NY Times Bestseller list at #12 in an upcoming edition of the Times.

From Seattle Times: Invisibility? Time travel? “Physics of the Impossible” says it may not be far-fetched: “Kaku encourages us to take seriously ideas the world’s great intellects consider crazy, reminding us that these same powerful minds sometimes wonder whether such way-out theories and models of the universe are crazy enough to be true.”

Keith Olbermann Interview – Fox News Network

Interview on Opie & Anthony Show (Radio – 2 Clips)

Michio Kaku address at University of Advancing Technology (3 Clips)

Michio Kaku was honored at the University of Advancing Technology on 4.18.2008

Riz Khan interview about Physics of the Impossible (2 Clips)

BBC Documentary: Parallel Universes (5 Clips)

Parallel Universes is a 2001 documentary produced by the BBC’s Horizon series. The documentary has to do with parallel universes, string theory, M theory, supergravity, and other theoretical physics concepts. Participants include Michio Kaku, Paul Steinhardt, and other physicists.

The Science Channel: Visions of the Future (5 Clips) The Intelligence Revolution

In the opening installment, Kaku explains how artificial intelligence will revolutionize homes, workplaces and lifestyles, and how virtual worlds will become so realistic that they will rival the physical world. Robots with human-level intelligence may finally become a reality, and in the ultimate stage of mastery, we’ll even be able to merge our minds with machine intelligence.

The Science Channel 2057 Series (5 Clips) THE WORLD

An invisible soldier? A space elevator to the stars? Transmit the inventory of the Library of Congress via laser beam in seconds? What are the real fuel sources of the future? Learn about technological quantum leaps that will shape our planet in 50 years.

The Science Channel 2057 Series (5 Clips) THE CITY

Cars without drivers? Humanoid robots in every household? Cyber-hacking? Intelligent camera surveillance systems? Learn about today’s scientific advances that will shape our networked cities of tomorrow.

The Science Channel 2057 Series (5 Clips) THE BODY

Flying ambulances? Intelligent clothing? Custom-built organs from scratch? Robotic surgery? Learn about today’s medical breakthroughs that will extend our lives in 50 years.

BBC Time Series (5 Clips) COSMIC TIME

Throughout history, one thing has never changed – time. It is something we rely on to plan our lives, and it is consistent, regular and ceaseless. But is it? High in the Alps, Michio encounters a mystery – tiny particles called muons which shouldn’t exist. They don’t last long enough to be detected on Earth – and yet here they are. The answer to this mystery lies in one of the greatest discoveries of all time – Einstein’s theory of relativity. The faster you travel, the slower time ticks. So time is not fixed at all.

BBC Time Series (5 Clips) EARTH TIME

Our awareness that time stretches back long before we were born, and will continue to stretch into the future long after we’re gone, lies at the heart of our humanity. Without this sense we couldn’t learn from the past, and wouldn’t plan for the future But where did we come from, and where are we going in time? Every culture mythologises time and attempts to answer the ultimate questions: was there a beginning? And will there be an end?

BBC Time Series (5 Clips) LIFETIME

Why is our time limited? And does it have to be? Could our age-old dream of immortality ever be possible? In episode two, Michio Kaku explores these questions and meets some of the key people involved in the cutting-edge research into ageing. He travels to the amazing Methuselah tree, which is almost 5000 years old and still producing new pine cones. He discovers that time does get faster as you get older and, under hypnosis, he goes in search of his lost time, stored as memories. But it only proves that lost time is really gone forever.