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Is the earth’s inner core slowing down and possibly reversing in spin? It sounds like the plot of a blockbuster doomsday sci-fi movie, but this is real science. Scientists at Beijing University believe the core of the earth might soon reverse direction. Physicist/Futurist, Dr. Michio Kaku, author of the bestselling book, THE GOD EQUATION: The Quest for a Theory of Everything appeared on CNN to discuss these findings and help separate fact from fiction. WATCH NOW!


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Starships. Time Travel. Black holes. Wormholes. Alien civilizations. Hyperspace. Anti-matter drive. Parallel universes.

Physics of Science Fiction (Physics 332) is a course Professor Michio Kaku will be teaching this Spring Semester EXCLUSIVELY for students at The City College of New York (CCNY). It applies physics to explain some of most sensational themes found in science fiction.

This exciting and popular course is taught online by Dr. Kaku, professor of theoretical physics, New York Times best-selling author, TV and radio personality, and co-founder of string field theory. The course uses lectures, slideshows and planetarium shows to explain the cutting edge of science.

SORRY. This course is for registered CCNY students ONLY.
Prerequisites: None, except a healthy imagination.
Credits: 3; Online lectures held on Tues & Thurs @ 2pm to 3:15 pm EST, Dr. Kaku then hosts a live online Q&A session via Zoom.
Required reading: Dr. Kaku’s Physics of the Impossible and Hyperspace. One midterm and final.