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Secret Life of Scientists & Engineers (NOVA Science Now-PBS)

The Secret Life of Scientists & Engineers with Michio Kaku – NOVA Science Now on PBS.

Video Clips include: The Theory of Everything, 10 Questions for Michio, You can Spin Forever & 30 Second Science with Michio Kaku.

The Last 10 Blog Entries from Dr. Kaku’s Universe (Hosted by 01/27 – 01/05

WSJ: Another Earth in Outer Space?

Astronomers using NASA’s space-based Kepler Telescope may be close to finding the first Earth-like planets in outer space, potentially capable of supporting life. Such a discovery could change the way we view our place in the universe. WSJ’s Michael Kofsky reports.

The Last Ten Blog Entries from Dr. Kaku’s Universe (Hosted by 12/09 – 01/05

Read the last ten blog entries on Dr. Kaku’s blog; Dr. Kaku’s Universe. Don’t forget to register on the Big Think website so you can make comments on the blog entries where Dr. Kaku will be answering questions

Nominate Dr. Kaku for 3rd Annual Shorty Awards (Outstanding Contributor to Twitter & Social Media)

It’s time for the third annual Shorty Awards, which honors the most outstanding contributors to Twitter and Social Media. If you want to give Dr. Kaku your vote in the category of Science – Please Click Here and follow the Instructions.

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