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Which Came First, the Galaxy or the Black Hole?

Every Wednesday Michio Kaku will be answering reader questions about physics and futuristic science on his blog at Big Think.  If you have a question for Dr. Kaku, just post it in the comment section on his blog; Dr. Kaku’s Universe and check back on Wednesdays to see if he answers it. Today, Dr. Kaku addresses a question posed by Andy Speight: Are the supermassive black holes at the center of galaxies involved in the formation of those galaxies? 

What’s New @ Big Think (Video Interview & Blog Entries)

Dr. Kaku’s recent video interview at the Big Think studio has finally been published and split into three parts: Inventions of the Future, Will Mankind Destroy Itself and How to Stop Robots from Killing Us.
The three most recent blog entries on Dr. Kaku’s Universe are:
1) Water and Organic Compounds Found on a Second Asteroid
2) With WMAP’s Primary Mission Finally Complete, It’s Time to Say Goodbye
3) Graphene Will Change the Way We Live

The Last Ten Blog Entries from Dr. Kaku’s Blog; Dr. Kaku’s Universe (Hosted by

Take a look at the last ten blog entries on Dr. Kaku’s blog; Dr. Kaku’s Universe. Don’t forget to register on the Big Think website so you can make comments on the blog entries where Dr. Kaku will be answering questions.

Book TV’s In-Depth 3 Hour Interview with Dr. Kaku

Michio sits down with Peter Slen of Book TV (C-Span2) for a 3 hour In-Depth interview talking about his life, career, and his work. Dr. Kaku also responded to telephones calls and electronic communications.

Please visit to watch the entire interview.

The Book TV Interview will air again on Monday, October 4th at 12am (ET) on C-Span2