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Dr. Kaku to be featured on Larry King Live (4/30)

Larry King will host a discussion with Dr. Kaku surrounding recent comments by astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, who said in a documentary that there is likely alien life, but communicating with them could be harmful to the human race. Dr. Hawking’s belief is that a visit from an alien race might be similar to Christopher Columbus’ arrival in the Americas. The interview will air Friday evening (4/30) at 9 p.m., EST (and replay again at Midnight). Stay Tuned for further details.

Environmental Risks of Volcanic Eruptions

Michio Kaku speaks with Fox Business (April 21st) on the risks of neighboring volcanoes being triggered by Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull.

WIN! an opportunity to take part in filming for the second season of SCI-FI SCIENCE: Physics of the Impossible

Michio and the Science Channel are now embarking on a second season of his hit show SCI-FI SCIENCE: Physics of the Impossible. In this exciting new series, Michio has identified 12 more familiar science fiction movie and TV notions and technologies. He’ll explain how we can build them into science fact and once again he wants to know what YOU think of his designs. The next two episodes will be “Alien Contact” and “Preventing an Alien Invasion.” Read about the contest to find out how you can enter to win the opportunity to take part in filming!

What’s Next From Iceland’s Volcano?

As Europe writhes in agony, millions of people are asking this question, desperately praying for relief from the paralysis of the airline industry caused by an Icelandic volcano. This eruption is a perfect storm, a combination of wind and ice conditions that has turned an ordinary eruption into a crisis. Last month, the same volcano erupted harmlessly. But last week, magma found a second pathway to the surface, this time beneath a glacier. When hot magma touched ice, it instantly created a burst of steam and produced glassified silicates. The sudden expansion of steam created a colossal explosion that sent billowing clouds of glassified silica ash three to five miles into the air over Europe. Read the Entire Article

The Science of Volcanoes (CBS – The Early Show)

Michio Kaku demonstrates to Jeff Glor (CBS- The Early Show) a volcano to explain why planes are still grounded from the recent eruption in Iceland.

Interview with ABC News (Will Volcano Eruptions End?)

Will the Volcano Eruptions End? Michio Kaku meets with ABC News to discuss how the recent eruption of Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull volcano and how previous eruptions lasted for over a year. Watch the Interview

With fat days over, NASA must innovate ( Feature)

In a long-awaited speech Thursday in Florida, President Obama will boldly go where no president has gone before, laying out an entirely new vision for the U.S. space program. The firestorm of controversy has already begun.
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Today Show appearance speaking about the future of the space program

April 15th, 2010: Michio Kaku tells TODAY’s Matt Lauer that with the cancellation of the Constellation program, the U.S. will lose its status as a leader in space exploration, falling behind Russia and China.

America’s Newsroom (FOX News) appearance about new developments and discoveries surrounding the Large Hadron Collider

A Second Big Bang in Geneva?

Champagne bottles were popped Tuesday in Geneva where the largest science machine ever built finally began to smash subatomic particles together. After 16 years—and an accident that crippled the machine a year and a half ago—the Large Hadron Collider successfully smashed two beams of protons at the astounding energy of 3.5 trillion electron volts apiece. Read More