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Video Clip from SCI-FI SCIENCE > Light Saber Episode

Video Clip from SCI-FI SCIENCE > Parallel Universes Episode

Medicine in the Year 2060 : Fox News

Interview on Fox & Friends about the recent Discovery of Water on the Moon

Brace for Impact: LHC is Back Online: Fox News

Dr. Kaku comments on NASA’s WISE (Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer) : Fox News

MSNBC’s Countdown Interview with Lawrence O’Donnell discussing Planet X, 2012 & Water on the Moon

CBS Interview about Conspiracy Theories surrounding the Large Hadron Collider project

SCI-FI SCIENCE: Physics of the Impossible – Series Premieres on the Science Channel – Tuesday, December 1 at 10 PM


Explore the world of the seemingly impossible with the all-new series SCI FI SCIENCE. Hosted by internationally-renowned physicist and co-founder of string field theory, Dr. Michio Kaku, this series poses the idea that science fiction may not be so far from science fact. Examine topics that currently seem so far out of the realm of possibility, such as invisibility cloaks, teleportation, time travel and more.
Series Premieres on the Science Channel – Tuesday, December 1 at 10 PM
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