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The USA is back on the Moon thanks to the IM-1 mission by private American lunar access provider, Intuitive Machines. This week their Nova-C class lunar lander launched on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and touched down successfully on the lunar surface. Dr. Michio Kaku, theoretical physicist, futurist, and bestselling author of QUANTUM SUPREMACY: How The Quantum Computer Revolution Will Change Everything appeared on CNN to discuss this milestone event, destined to open access to the Moon for the progress of humanity. WATCH NOW!


Click for more FOX Business Blue Origin‘s first human passengers, billionaire founder Jeff Bezos, his brother Mark Bezos, 82-year-old Mercury 13 pioneer Wally Funk, and 18-year-old paying customer Oliver Daemen, achieved a historic milestone for the burgeoning private space travel industry in their successful launch to suborbital space and back on July 20th, 2021.

Bestselling author and theoretical physicist, Dr. Michio Kaku appeared on FOX Business Tonight to discuss the significance of this achievement and what he describes as a new vision for our race to space. WATCH NOW!


Click to Show Only FOX Business China has successfully launched its Chang’e-5 space mission, an effort to make China the first nation in more than four decades to bring lunar rock and soil samples back to the Earth. The program’s greater ambitions are to culminate with an international lunar research station and ultimately a human colony on the Moon by the 2030s.

Futurist and theoretical physicist, Dr. Michio Kaku, appeared on FOX Business to share his current thoughts and insights on China’s mission to the Moon, the new arms race here on Earth, and renewed interest in outer space by the private sector. WATCH NOW!


Click to Show Only FOX BusinessWhich billionaire will get there first? SpaceX and Tesla CEO, Elon Musk versus Blue Origin and Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos? Both are engaged in what many are calling a new kind of space race. Famed futurist and theoretical physicist, Dr. Michio Kaku, visits with Kennedy on FOX Business to discuss the so-called "billionaire space race" that’s behind the United States of America’s recently renewed prowess in space with their daring and visionary endeavors. WATCH NOW!


Click to Show Only FOX BusinessThe new age of space tourism is fast approaching, thanks to disruptive innovations in propulsion and craft reuse. These factors are driving costs down and demand up. Theoretical physicist, Dr. Michio Kaku, returns to Kennedy on FOX Business to discuss the realities of private space exploration. How long before it becomes a viable travel option and how much will it cost average consumers to take to the stars? WATCH NOW!


Click to Visit FOX BusinessThis week, renowned cosmologist, Stephen Hawking, announced Breakthrough Starshot — a hundred-million dollar research and engineering effort funded by Russian scientist and billionaire entrepreneur, Yuri Milner, and Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg. The aim, according to Milner, is to develop "high speed light-driven nano crafts and to lay the foundations for an eventual voyage to Alpha Centauri.”

Dr. Michio Kaku visited with Kennedy on FOX Business for a fun awe-inspiring discussion of Starshot‘s daring plans to make swarms of tiny spacefaring starships that will explore the cosmos at speeds approaching a thousand times faster than today’s fastest spacecraft. WATCH NOW!


Click to Visit CBSNOn the heels of a third SpaceX rocket launch failure, CBSN, the "Always On" online news network from CBS NEWS, invited Dr. Michio Kaku to discuss the matter with CBSN‘s Jeff Glor. What are the ramifications of this accident? Does it pose any future impact on SpaceX‘s or NASA‘s plans for the International Space Station? What does this setback suggest about the ongoing commercialization of space? WATCH NOW!


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If you could be among the first human beings ever to step foot on planet Mars, would you go? Before you answer, there’s a major catch: the trip is strictly one-way. Still interested? Then there might be a future for you in space exploration AND reality television… Mars One, a controversial and widely criticized Netherlands-based non-profit company led by Dutch entrepreneur, Bas Lansdorp, plans to land the first humans onto Mars and establish a permanent human colony there by 2025. Bootstrapped by a crowdfunding campaign and reality TV pitch, Mars One is recruiting volunteer amateur space enthusiasts to take the plunge.

Reaction has been split, with many doubting if Lansdorp‘s mission will even launch, much less succeed. Dr. Michio Kaku, famed astrophysicist and known proponent of both private and government funded space exploration is, in this case, among the skeptics. In a recent ABC News NIGHTLINE story profiling the audacious endeavor, Kaku explains, “This has the atmosphere of a circus, where you have amateurs simply raising their hand, volunteering to be the first person on Mars. They have set impossibly unrealistic deadlines and the amount of money that you have to have to go to Mars is incredible, perhaps 50 to several hundred billion dollars. Given the fact that this will be untested technology, I would assume that the failure rate would be about 90 to 95 percent for a mission of this magnitude. In other words, it’s a tragedy waiting to happen.”

Would you take your own ‘giant leap’ against-the-odds on a no-way-back ride to the red planet? Would you leave behind all your earthly attachments to join this unproven ragtag group of true believers? Dr. Kaku encourages you to decide for yourself after you’ve seen the full story on video. WATCH NOW!


Click to Visit MSNBCThe FAA’s Office of the Associate Administrator for Commercial Space Transportation, known as the AST, has approved private sector operations on the Moon. All signs indicate that we are in the midst of a new kind of space race — wherein the private sector seeks to play a starring role.

Dr. Michio Kaku rejoins Ed Schultz, on MSNBC’s ‘The Ed Show’ to discuss the key players, like Bigelow Aerospace and SpaceX, and the bold initiatives underway that will shape the future of the final frontier. WATCH NOW!