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The Last Ten Blog Entries from Dr. Kaku’s Blog; Dr. Kaku’s Universe (Hosted by 10/28 – 11/11

Take a look at the last ten blog entries on Dr. Kaku’s blog; Dr. Kaku’s Universe. Don’t forget to register on the Big Think website so you can make comments on the blog entries where Dr. Kaku will be answering questions.

ABC News Interview about the California Missile Mystery (A Missile? A Plane?)

Michio Kaku sits down with ABC News and provides a few explanations into the recent California Missile Mystery. Dr. Kaku leans towards the fact that the plume was most likely caused from an airplane. The recent air scare prompted prompted people to think it was a missile but both the U.S. NAVY and NORAD dismissed the claims of an accidental launch. Shortly after Dr. Kaku’s interview, it was confirmed that the contrail was caused by a passenger jet traveling from LAX to Phoenix.