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America’s Newsroom (FOX News) appearance about new developments and discoveries surrounding the Large Hadron Collider

A Second Big Bang in Geneva?

Champagne bottles were popped Tuesday in Geneva where the largest science machine ever built finally began to smash subatomic particles together. After 16 years—and an accident that crippled the machine a year and a half ago—the Large Hadron Collider successfully smashed two beams of protons at the astounding energy of 3.5 trillion electron volts apiece. Read More

Brace for Impact: LHC is Back Online: Fox News

CBS Interview about Conspiracy Theories surrounding the Large Hadron Collider project

Impossible Science

A recent interview with the Daily Grail covering everything from the UFO phenomenon, to whether consciousness defines reality, and also touching on some of the more controversial science stories about today (most notably, the LHC & Active SETI.)

Read the entire interview at The Daily Grail

Commentary on about LHC

Doomsday-watchers around the world breathed a sign of relief last Wednesday when the LHC was finally turned on and … well … nothing happened.

Don’t Buy Into The Supercollider Hype

Don’t Buy Into The Supercollider Hype – If you can read this sentence, congratulations! You just survived the official opening of the LHC, which an army of critics claim might create mini black holes that will devour the earth. Read an article by Dr. Kaku featured in the Wall Street Journal

Dr. Kaku joins MSNBC to discuss the LHC

MSNBC interviewed Dr. Kaku about the LHC and published an interactive video feature on their website

Read more about the worries and wonders surrounding the project that took more than 30 years of planning, 14 years of building and $10 billion Dollars.