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Does Artificial Intelligence represent a major threat to humankind or a major opportunity? Tesla & SpaceX visionary, Elon Musk believes the time is now to sound the alarms and assemble top thinkers and regulators with the mandate to address and contain the rising threat head-on. In sharp contrast, Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, is bullish on AI and dismissive of alarmists like Musk. So, who has it right? Physicist and Futurist, Dr. Michio Kaku returns to CNN International’s ‘Quest Means Business’ to consider all sides of the debate and contribute his own insights. WATCH NOW!


Click to Visit FOX BusinessThis week, renowned cosmologist, Stephen Hawking, announced Breakthrough Starshot — a hundred-million dollar research and engineering effort funded by Russian scientist and billionaire entrepreneur, Yuri Milner, and Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg. The aim, according to Milner, is to develop "high speed light-driven nano crafts and to lay the foundations for an eventual voyage to Alpha Centauri.”

Dr. Michio Kaku visited with Kennedy on FOX Business for a fun awe-inspiring discussion of Starshot‘s daring plans to make swarms of tiny spacefaring starships that will explore the cosmos at speeds approaching a thousand times faster than today’s fastest spacecraft. WATCH NOW!