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Click for more CBS This MorningEarth will have a close encounter today with a massive asteroid nicknamed "The Rock" by NASA, which first noticed it three years ago. "The Rock" is the largest such object to pass so close to Earth since 2004. CBS News science and futurist contributor Dr. Michio Kaku joins ‘CBS This Morning’ to discuss how the asteroid will not affect us now but underscores the looming dangers of other space objects headed our way. WATCH NOW!

The Telescope: 400 Years and Counting

Quick — name the invention that has done most to redefine our place in the universe. Hint: This invention was also the most seditious, blasphemous instrument of all time, shaking the very foundations of society. The answer, if you haven’t already guessed it, is the telescope. Read the article “The Telescope: 400 Years and Counting”