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Click for more CBS This Morning Just days from launch, NASA‘s TESS (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite) will embark on a two-year all-sky transit survey of our solar neighborhood and monitor over 200,000 bright stars in search of exoplanets. The endeavor is expected to reveal and identify thousands of previously unknown worlds, some of which may be Earth-like and therefore capable of supporting intelligent life. The ramifications of what we may find are simply staggering and stand to challenge our entire understanding of our place in the universe. CBS News science and futurist contributor, Dr. Michio Kaku joins ‘CBS This Morning: Saturday’ to discuss the TESS mission and other recent findings that seem to suggest we’re not alone. WATCH NOW!

Impossible Science

A recent interview with the Daily Grail covering everything from the UFO phenomenon, to whether consciousness defines reality, and also touching on some of the more controversial science stories about today (most notably, the LHC & Active SETI.)

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