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Click for more CBS This Morning Millions plan to witness Monday’s coast-to-coast total solar eclipse that will move through a 70-mile-wide "Path of Totality" spanning over the United States across fourteen states from Oregon clear through to South Carolina. CBS News science and futurist contributor, Dr. Michio Kaku joins ‘CBS This Morning’ to discuss what he calls a once in a lifetime "cosmic coincidence" that should be on everyone’s bucket list. WATCH NOW!

BBC Time Series (5 Clips) COSMIC TIME

Throughout history, one thing has never changed – time. It is something we rely on to plan our lives, and it is consistent, regular and ceaseless. But is it? High in the Alps, Michio encounters a mystery – tiny particles called muons which shouldn’t exist. They don’t last long enough to be detected on Earth – and yet here they are. The answer to this mystery lies in one of the greatest discoveries of all time – Einstein’s theory of relativity. The faster you travel, the slower time ticks. So time is not fixed at all.