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Will We Become A Type II Civilization?

How cool would it be if we could one day regulate our atmosphere, control the climate and maybe even blast threatening asteroids into stardust? Well, to do those things would require A LOT of energy.

Essentially, we’d have to be able to harness all the power from the Sun. According to the Kardashev scale that ranks planets according to their ability to harness the energy from their star and even their galaxy, that would make Earth a Type II civilization. What does that mean and how far away are we from achieving that level of uber energy capacity? You’ll have to tune in to find out as What If: Discussed welcomes back Dr. Michio Kaku, physicist and science communicator extraordinaire, to help us better understand “What If we became a type II civilization?”


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Does Artificial Intelligence represent a major threat to humankind or a major opportunity? Tesla & SpaceX visionary, Elon Musk believes the time is now to sound the alarms and assemble top thinkers and regulators with the mandate to address and contain the rising threat head-on. In sharp contrast, Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, is bullish on AI and dismissive of alarmists like Musk. So, who has it right? Physicist and Futurist, Dr. Michio Kaku returns to CNN International’s ‘Quest Means Business’ to consider all sides of the debate and contribute his own insights. WATCH NOW!

Screensavers Interview about Artificial Intelligence

Interview on the Screensavers with Leo Laporte about the future of Computers and Artificial Intelligence .