EXODUS: Gods and Kings, the star-studded biblically-inspired epic film from director, Ridley Scott, opens in theaters today and it’s already making waves.

Speaking of waves, CBS invited Dr. Michio Kaku to offer his assessment, as a theoretical physicist, on the feasibility of parting the waters of the Red Sea, as Moses did in the famous bible story on which the motion picture is based. Can it be done relying only on science, without the aid of divine intervention? CBSN poses the question, "Could Moses really part the Red Sea?" WATCH NOW!

After you’ve parted the waters of EXODUS, travel through a cosmic wormhole in Dr. Kaku’s review (also on CBSN) of the hit sci-fi thriller, INTERSTELLAR.

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CONTENDERS Awards Season Special Section

VARIETYWriters On Writers Special FeatureINTERSTELLAR, the inter-dimensional sci-fi blockbuster movie from acclaimed director, Christopher Nolan, continues to wow audiences and critics alike with mind-bending sights and sounds at the forefront of science and storytelling.

Recently, the feature editors at VARIETY, the premiere Hollywood publication, respected throughout the world of show business professionals since 1905, asked Dr. Michio Kaku to contribute to their annual CONTENDERS Series in a special feature called CONTENDERS: WRITERS ON WRITERS.

Dr. Kaku shares his insights and impressions, not just as a physicist and futurist, but also as an avid moviegoer and bona fide fanatic of science fiction. The special feature is ONLINE NOW and hits print at newsstands this week.

Ready for more outer-worldly adventures?

Fly through the wormhole with this recent video post featuring Dr. Kaku on the SCIENCE OF INTERSTELLAR and a detailed paper that delves still deeper into the mighty mysterious realms of interstellar travel.


NJCU Liberty Center IMAX Dome

Michio Kaku Illustration by GardnerCelebrating the 350th Anniversary of the founding of New Jersey, world-acclaimed theoretical physicist and best-selling author, Dr. Michio Kaku will speak at Liberty Science Center on Tuesday, December 9th, 2014 at 6:30 PM EST.

Dr. Kaku’s special public appearance, speaking on the subject of Innovation, is the second installment in a three-part inaugural lecture series, entitled Presidential Speaker Series, launched by New Jersey City University (NJCU), to explore the NJ350 themes of Liberty, Innovation, and Diversity.

NJCU"What better way to celebrate New Jersey’s 350th birthday than to invite everyone to join us for three unforgettable evenings that bring to our community luminaries who share their thoughts on liberty, innovation, and diversity? – three building blocks that have defined our state from its earliest days," said Dr. Sue Henderson, NJCU president and host of the series.Liberty Science Center

Founded in 1664, New Jersey‘s rich heritage spans well beyond the establishment of the United States, as one of the nation’s original thirteen colonies. From Thomas Edison to Bruce Springsteen, New Jersey’s innovations and innovators have had an impact throughout the world.

For more information about the NJCU Presidential Speakers Series or associated NJ350 events, call 201-200-3196 or visit the NJCU website.


INTERSTELLAR has been called one of the most realistic space films ever made. As a CBS News Contributor, Dr. Michio Kaku was recently asked to give his own informed perspective, as a theoretical physicist, assessing how good a job the filmmakers did at the task of aligning their ambitious work of science fiction with the expanding forefront of science fact. WATCH NOW!

For more of Dr. Kaku’s thoughts and observations about The Physics of Interstellar Travel, read this aptly-named classic paper by the man himself.

cbsn-logoSee Dr. Kaku on CBSN, the online news network from CBS.


Dr. Kaku signs copies of his latest book for a crowd of fans at a recent book fair.

Dr. Kaku’s latest bestselling book, THE FUTURE OF THE MIND, continues to be a blockbuster hit. Every book signing event has attracted enormous crowds of Kaku fans, a unique and growing group of wonderful people spanning all ages and walks of life. A wonder for science and an enthusiasm about the future unifies this amazing cross-section of the world that might not come together any other way. Dr. Kaku thanks you for showing up and making this launch such a resounding success.

More About THE FUTURE OF THE MINDAre YOU a Kaku fan? Help spread the word, expand the Kaku fan base online and off. Help to make THE FUTURE OF THE MIND Dr. Kaku’s most successful book ever. If you haven’t picked up your own copy, please BUY IT NOW. Better yet, please pick up some extra copies to give to your loved ones and work associates. Not only does it make a great gift for anyone and everyone — your generosity will make the world a better place.


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Dr. Michio Kaku is a proud participant in the upcoming 3RD ANNUAL USA SCIENCE & ENGINEERING FESTIVAL taking place on April 26th and 27th, 2014 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC.

The FREE festival is analogous to an art, music, or food festival, but with a focus on science and engineering. There will be over 3,000 hands-on activities and over 150 stage shows. The event is also a resource for information about scholarships, internships, jobs, and taking part in science’s new frontiers.

"As a culture, we celebrate actors, pop stars and athletes… and we generate a lot of them. Our mission here is to celebrate science and engineering by producing and presenting the most compelling, exciting, educational, and entertaining science festival in the United States," said Larry Bock, USASEF Founder.

Dr. Kaku will speak to a live audience on the EINSTEIN STAGE at 4 PM on Saturday, April 26th, 2014. Following the speaking event, at 5 PM, Dr. Kaku will meet and greet fans at an official booksigning at TABLE #4 of the festival’s on-site book fair. Dr. Kaku will be signing copies of his latest New York Times Bestseller, THE FUTURE OF THE MIND.

Want more? Watch this awareness video for the festival and this preview video about Dr. Kaku’s appearance. For more event details, simply click here.


Click for Facebook Q&A with Michio Kaku

Click for details of Future of the Mind iBookJoin us on Monday, April 7, 2014 at 8PM EST (5PM PST) for a live Q&A with Dr. Michio Kaku at Apple’s iTunes Facebook page. You will also find related links on Dr. Kaku’s Facebook page. He will be answering questions about his new book, THE FUTURE OF THE MIND.

Click for details of Future of the Mind iTunes AudiobookA New York Times Bestseller, taking the #1 spot in March, the book is now available as a digital download in audiobook format at Apple iTunes and as an ebook at Apple iBooks.

The audiobook edition of THE FUTURE OF THE MIND is completely unabridged and features audio of the entire introduction read by Dr. Kaku himself followed by the narration of award-winning voice artist, Feodor Chin, a veteran of Michio Kaku audiobooks.

Don’t miss this opportunity to chat online live with Dr. Kaku directly!



Fans of Michio Kaku and Jon Stewart came together on February 25th, 2014 when Dr. Kaku appeared on Comedy Central‘s The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to kick off the launch of his new book, THE FUTURE OF THE MIND.

Released on the day of the broadcast, Kaku’s new book debuted as an instant NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER hitting the #1 spot on March 16th.

Did you miss the show? Want to see it again? WATCH NOW!

Click to watch: the interview only or the full episode.



On March 16th, THE FUTURE OF THE MIND hit #1 on the New York Times Bestsellers list, making it the number one non-fiction book in the country!


The book has also earned top spots with, Barnes & Noble, BookPal, and countless other national best lists.

Many thanks to the 1.9 million Facebook Fans, the hundreds of thousands of Twitter Followers, and the thousands of devout Kaku fans who have personally shown up as part of Dr. Kaku’s multi-city national book tour. The success of this book is mainly due to you and your loyalty, sharing your enthusiasm with others through social media and beyond.

The tour continues. In fact, we’ve just added some additional cities! Download the latest revision of the official book tour schedule and see if your city has been added. Dr. Kaku will be happy to greet you and sign your very own copy of THE FUTURE OF THE MIND.

Check out Dr. Kaku’s Facebook for the latest photos, interviews, and more.


Dr. Kaku’s latest book is officially released and available in stores and online at your bookseller of choice. This also marks the start of Dr. Kaku’s multi-city national book tour. Check this website, and visit Dr. Kaku’s Facebook Fan Page for more details and updates about the tour and other appearances.

“THE FUTURE OF THE MIND: The scientific quest to understand, enhance, and empower the mind.”

The Future of the Mind

Telepathy. Telekinesis. Mind reading. Photographing a dream. Uploading memories. Mentally controlled robots. A Brain Net to replace the internet.

These feats, once considered science fiction, have now been achieved in the laboratory, as documented in THE FUTURE OF THE MIND.

But the book goes even further, analyzing when one day we might have a complete map of the brain, or a back up Brain 2.0, which may allow scientists to send consciousness throughout the universe. AVAILABLE NOW!


Dr. Kaku made a return appearance on Comedy Central‘s The Colbert Report on Tuesday night, February 26, 2013.

The topic? Dr. Kaku‘s cover story in the latest issue of NEWSWEEK entitled “Asteroid Apocalypse” covering our recent encounters with the asteroid-kind here on Earth and future ramifications of such encounters. Namely, the asteroid Apophis, expected to skim our atmosphere in 2029 and possibly hit in 2036.

Don’t miss the lively exchange between Dr. Kaku and show host, Stephen Colbert. It’s a double-treat of “Dr. Kaku’s Universe” meets the “Colbert Nation” whenever Michio and Stephen get together. WATCH NOW.

After Colbert, take a look at the cover story Dr. Kaku wrote for NEWSWEEK:


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** Dr. Kaku is currently appearing on the Discovery Channel’s series How the Universe Works
** If you fly American Airlines, read the July issue of the American Way Magazine, where there is a profile of Dr. Kaku.
** Dr. Kaku will be hosting a new science series on the Science Channel next year.
** See, for his latest blog on the Higgs boson. Also, see his recent op-ed piece in last month’s Wall Street Journal.


– You can call 866-323-2538 and record a question or comment, anytime day or night, directly to Dr. Kaku.
The best questions will appear on Science Fantastic, which airs in 130 cities across the US, Siriius XM satellite radio, and the internet. It airs weekly, on Saturdays and Sundays, for 3 hours. Check this website for dates, times, cities, call letters of the stations, etc.
It is by far the largest nationally syndicated science radio show on commercial radio.
Scores of Nobel Laureates have appeared on the show, and now is your turn!
– For the month of August, we will interview top scientists about the latest research on the brain.

Europe Preparing for Most Detailed Examination of the Sun to Date (The Takeaway Radio Interview)

The Sun photographed by the Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (AIA 304) of NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory. (Photo by NASA/SDO.)

The European Space Agency this week is expected to begin formal and final preparations to launch the Solar Orbiter space probe, which will be launched toward the sun in about five years, orbiting within the orbit of Mercury. It’ll be the closest trip to the sun by any Earth-launched space probe and is expected to provide vast amounts of new data.

Read the Full Article and Listen to the Radio Interview via The Takeaway Website or Listen by Using the Embedded Player Located at the Bottom

Hopefully, though, in the next five years, we’ll know a lot more. That’s when the Solar Orbiter is set to launch. A project of the European Space Agency, the Solar Orbiter will get closer to the sun than any satellite to date. The journey to the sun will take years, even once the probe is built and launched.

There are so many gaps in our knowledge of the sun. We’ve mapped practically every square mile of the planet Mars, we know more about Mars than the surface of the Earth in fact. But the sun constantly changes. It’s not made out of a solid surface at all. It’s made out of plasma, roughly 75 percent hydrogen and 25 percent helium. That’s why this probe is so important — because it will travel inside the orbit of Mercury, where no other space probe has gone before.”
— Michio Kaku

(ABC News: Good Morning America) James Cameron, Google Executives, Billionaires to Mine for Asteroids? Film director James Cameron, Google’s Larry Page and Eric Schmidt, X Prize founder Peter Diamandis and billionaire Ross Perot Jr. along with a number of other incredible minds plan to take on outer space. Just what they’re up to is still a mystery but they’ve announced that they’re forming a new “space exploration company to expand earth’s resource base,” that will create “a new industry and a new definition of natural resources.”

“If you put two Google billionaires with Microsoft billionaires with some astronauts together, you can’t go wrong. I think private enterprise will boldly go where governments fear to tread. And I think the space program has been in purgatory in the last few years. NASA is an agency to nowhere. So, we need private enterprise, especially people with deep pockets to help jump start the program and maybe mining the heavens is just the ticket.”  – Michio Kaku

Read the Full Article on the ABC News website @ Q&A with Dr. Kaku — Where Are Our Flying Cars?

After some 80 years of empty promises, faulty predictions, countless science fiction films and comic books, and a rather famous animated TV series from the 1960s, Terrafugia may be the first company to develop and produce an actual flying car. Never mind that it costs $279,000 for now—the point is that it exists, and that so far, it seems to actually work.

To get some expert opinion and much-needed perspective here at PCMag, we asked Dr. Michio Kaku, esteemed theoretical physicist and best-selling author of Physics of the Future: How Science Will Shape Human Destiny and Our Daily Lives by the Year 2100, for his take on Terrafugia and flying cars in general.

Read the full Q&A with Dr. Kaku by visiting their website @